E-Mail Marketing Services

E-mail marketing is one of the most powerful, and most cost effective marketing tools for any business when marketing directly to their customer base. A solid campaign will help drive customers to your website and into your business. We specialize in creating engaging e-mail campaigns that help bring in customer and drive up sales.

Unfortunately many businesses still do not incorporate an e-mail campaign into their marketing strategy. Partnering an e-mail campaign with another marketing srategy will magnify your marketing efforts effectiveness as you continue to grow your business.

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Restaurant E-Mail Marketing

Incorporating e-mail marketing into a restaurants marketing program will increase the loyalty of your current diners and turn new diners that visit your restaurant into returning loyal diners. What once was nothing more than an afterthought in marketing for restaurants has now become one of their strongest tools in increasing their customer loyalty.

A properly executed e-mail marketing program will do just that. At N-Touch Marketing™ we we follow the strictest standards for all of our e-mail marketing clients. From the use of client specific opt-in lists, to a white listed service provider, we ensure that we are only sending to customers that want your emails, and that your emails are being delivered. Our affordable pricing allows for any restaurant big or small to enjoy a professionally designed and executed email marketing program.

  • Custom Designed Emails and Sign Up Forms
  • Special Offer on Sign Up
  • Monthly Email Specials
  • Special Anniversary Offer
  • Special Birthday Offers
  • No limit on customer contacts
  • Social Media Integration
  • Open Rates Higher Than the Industry Average
  • Professional Service at Affordable Prices!

E-Mail Marketing Philosophy


Custom designed sign up forms, social integration, and special offers help grow your list with customers eager to receive your emails.


Proper management of your list will ensure that you are getting best results out of each and every email that you send your customers.


Attractive emails with special offers will not only keep your customers interested in your emails, but will have them waiting for it in their inbox.